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A dancing veil that swirls, thinning as it reaches the Witching Hour, allowing life and death to flow through with ease and for the communication between the realms to reach it peak.


Fear not the darkness and instead walk through it with open arms and embrace the season of the dark ones. For they are here to remind us that winter must overthrow the summer in order for balance to prevail. Go with the changes that will befall you. Walk with Gaia’s alter of fallen leafs and twirl in the winds.


Gaia will slumber and asks that you look within. Accept change and you will soon find that life – the Universe will bring forth more of what you want and more of what will help you grow.


This is a time where ancestors are honoured in all their glory and where we learn from their ancient teachings. We must look within ourselves to help us understand the changing seasons and to honour our natural talents and magical gifts. Reach for the wrinkles in time and move between the worlds. Call on your guides for protection, ask for guidance, grow with the trees – roots strong as oaks, gaze into the crystal sphere and shuffle the cards of divination. Call on your fallen loved ones, play with cats paws, trust that all is well and you are perfect the way you already are.

The dark is not to be feared but to be embraced. For if we did not welcome the darker aspects of life, how are we to truly enjoy the light?

 Merry Ye Meet, Merry Ye Part and Merry Ye Meet again.

Blessed Be on your magical path.

 Love Light Joy and Brightest Blessings





Ayahuasca Journey II

   I didn’t expect my second Aya experience to be the exact opposite of my first…I was actually expecting it to be near enough the same. Mama Aya blessed me and showed me endless beauty and light to my hidden darkness. Here is my experience.


Ayahuasca Journey II
Temple of the Way of Light. Iquitos, Peru.

‘I am strong. I am one. I am light. I acknowledge you… I see you… I release you.’ This was my stand again the darkness that I felt wanted to creep in. Not this time. This time I was prepared. Love would prevail that night. I was certain.

    I’m stunned…Last nights journey was pure bliss. The affects took hold quickly. I felt my entire body sink deep into itself, dissolving all physical barriers between my human form and my spirit. I asked Ayahuasca to work on my heart and she did. She started to dissolve barriers around me and took me on a subtly journey of peace and gratitude.

   To one side of me stood Urak and Aldron (my Sirian spirit guides), behind me stood my Native American Shaman who I call Grandfather and in front was my majestic spirit animal – Shadow-Wolf and Archangel Michael. Armed with pure light, Archangel Michael stood tall with his sword, ready to deflect all harmful energies that may have wanted to play. My heart felt their love for me and their wanting to help. They outstretched their arms and poured golden white light into me, forming a protective grid. I felt at ease and ready for my journey. 

   My heart raced when I saw Shadow-Wolf sitting firmly by Archangel Michael. He was alert and prepared. He watched the void with keen eyes, aware of all that dwelled there. He’s been with me from the start of my self discovering journey into the ‘spiritual’ ways of life and continues to help me in all that I do. He came to me many years ago in a dream and plays a huge part in my life. He’s the connection I have between Shaman and self. My dear companion and protector.

   Bursts of geometric patterns flowed towards me once again, igniting rainbow fusions, cascading into the unknown. It wasn’t as intense as the previous night, but it was enough to send my eyes wondering through the air in complete awe.


   My body felt heavy, as though I had been pulled down by gravity. I couldn’t sit up anymore. I lay down on my stomach and closed my eyes. Almost instantly visions of green biochemical tentacles merged from below the Earth, moving up, engulfing my body and the trees that surrounded me. The noise it made was bazaar, almost unexplainable. It sounded like little pebbles frantically rolling on the floor, smashing lightly into each other as it sped upwards. Like the scene from Transformers wherein the metal pebbles enter a room and forms itself into a sharp, extremely thin alien robot. It wasn’t frightening, it was actually quite soothing.

   To my amazement an E.T appeared and headed straight towards me. He stopped sharply only an inch away from my face. He observed me as though he was contemplating what to do with me. It reached its hands out to me, settling them on my head. I felt his soft touch and knew instantly that he was preparing for something. I stood in silence, afraid that if I did say something I would be pulled back to the reality of illusions.

   Bright lacers were projected towards me, nestling straight onto my head and through to the very fabrics that bind my brain cells. I looked around only to see an empty white room, glowing with a soft mist that I thought were obstructing the walls that surrounded me. The more I searched for those walls, the more I realised there weren’t any. This ‘reality’ existed in the void and was created by the E.T himself. I had the feeling that he could manifest anything he wanted.

   My eyes wandered upwards to the geometric symbols that were now being transmitted through hundreds of tiny transparent cords that were now connected to my brain cells. I finally plucked up the courage to ask what he was doing. ‘I’m reprogramming.’ He said sharply. I dared not say another word.

   After he finished ‘reprogramming’ I felt myself begin to stir. Soft glows of green embers filled the empty space like fireflies in the night.

   I could see crowds of faces, barely in form, filling the starlit universe. I walked through the sea of sprits, attempting to decipher who the faces were, to see each individual characteristics trait, but none existed. They were one and the same, whole and complete with one another way up in the universe. I continued walking for a while, unsure if they were aware of my presence and unsure of where I was going.

   In the distance formed a large tree that adorned a beautiful deep pink heart with jagged thorns branching outwards, as though they were protecting the heart from something. I didn’t look behind me but sensed that I trod into a different realm – Gaia’s Earthly realm. Beautiful green energy flowed up from below the Earth and into the heart that nuzzled itself comfortably by the thorns. The green energy serenely made its way to the centre of it then slowly flowed out into my hands, settling at my anahata. Warmth filled me. Complete and utter love surrounded me. I sank deeper into myself and thanked Ayahuasca for allowing me to receive this subtle yet powerful healing energy.

   My attention fell back in to the room. Soft glowing orbs circled around the Shamans as they continued chanting. White orbs floating in the ether, swirling, dancing, jumping…Swaying with the natural rhythms of the songs, joining the plant spirits abundant virtue and splendour. It was a chiming spectacle of plant spirits and the divine grace.

   Something soon whispered that it was time to fall asleep and that once I did, the healing work on my heart would take place. I felt like my inner child was being healed and taken cared for, that I could sleep peacefully…

…And like a child lost in complete innocence and comfort I slowly drifted asleep, ever present in the grand scale of love. The strongest emotion there is.

Next time I would try to stay up.