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Wildflower Revolution and a second blog

Wildflower Galore.  

   I want to live in a world where the very physical existence of the wildflowers can be seen again – near, far and wide, a world where wildflowers are able to grow where their hearts desire and for them to thrive in the dullest bare patch in the cities corner. I want to help bring back these countryside beauties so that they can help the bees and all other living creatures that depend and thrive on their bounty. I want to create a Wildflower revolution!
 – Taken in my back garden last summer.
   How does one start a wildflower revolution? Simple! On March the 1st 2014 I want as many people as possible to plant as many wildflower seeds as they possibly can onto Gaia’s green carpet! You have the option of scattering them wherever you like. In the darkest corner, the neglected garden patch, in parks and forests and even in pots (I planted seeds in an old shoe last year)! I want you to scatter them where you feel they would be needed the most. Go with your gut! You can even go wild and create abundant wildflower patches in your garden. We’ve had wildflower patches for many years in our front and back gardens, but this year I’m taking a step further by cultivating it to its full potential and I’ll even be making some solitary bee hotels and will add little extras for the birds and bugs.
Where did this idea come from?
   I’ve always been keen to help the bees, especially in the past few years. They are VITAL to pollinating all types of fruits, vegetables and flowery treats. They are fundamental to keeping Earth in its natural cycle and providing us with plentiful produce. I first noticed a huge decline in bees (and butterflies) 4 years ago and have been doing my bit ever since. The idea to do something collective came to me when I posted an illustration on my facebook page showing a few flowers that you can plant to help save the bees. A friend then commented saying ‘Wildflower mission’. Bing! There sprung forth the idea (thanks Holly Badger-Boom!).
Illustration by Hannah Rosengren – http://www.etsy.com/shop/HannahRosengren
Why March the 1st 2014?
   Well…March the 1st falls on one of the two new moons in the month of March, followed by the Pagan celebration of Ostara (Spring Equinox). This phase of the new moon represents new beginnings and the planting of ones own personal seeds so that come the full moon and Litha (Summer Solstice) it would have manifested in all its glory! The new moon is a good time to give birth to new ideas and to bring new things in to your life. It goes with the flow of giving and gives us hope in the new season ahead. It’s defiantly a time to plant your seeds! So knowing this, it made perfect sense to pick this date..But don’t worry too much if you can’t plant your seeds on this day, as there is another new moon during the month of March. You can also plant them on Ostara too. Either way, you’ll be doing your bit 😀
Where can I buy wildflower seeds from?
   Any garden centre you visit should be well stocked with wildflower seeds that you can simple scatter onto the ground. You can also buy them online!
   If you’re super short on cash or wouldn’t like to spend more than £1 on seeds, then hit the pound stores! I brought a pack of wildflower seeds from there 2 years ago and they’ve come through in such masses each year, attracting many bees, butterflies and insects (I’ve even seen foxes and cats hiding amongst them too).
 – Taken in my front garden last summer.
So what’s happening to the bees?
   Bees are declining, disappearing. They are not hibernating and they are not hiding …They are dying. That much is apparent and true, and there’s hard evidence to show this. The main killers are: Use of chemicals and pesticides (do you really want your fruits and vegetables to drink poison anyway?), loss of natural habitat and viruses. Last year I was so saddened to find so many dead bumblebees on pavements. It’s obvious to see that we’re doing something terrible to them. Here are some useful links if you want to find out more:
www.bbka.org.uk – The British Beekeepers Association
www.bumblebeeconservation.org/ – Bumblebee Conservation Trust
www.buzzaboutbees.net – Buzz About Bees
http://www.rhs.org.uk/Gardening/Sustainable-gardening/Plants-for-pollinators – Royal Horticulture Society. They even have print outs!
How can I help?
By planting lots of bee friendly plants and flowers packed full of nectar and pollen! Yipeeee! I would suggest planting native plants and lots of it. Here’s a list of plants, flowers and herbs that are wonderful and nourishing to our beautiful wildlife (most are medicinal too):
Red Clover
The list goes on!
   If you’re really stuck on what to buy and find all of this a little overwhelming, I suggest looking out for the bumblebee symbol on labels. These are specifically for attracting not only bees but all other insects too.
   You’ll also find lists of what to plant via all the links I have posted.
– Taken in my front garden last summer.
   I hope that you will join me and are just as excited about our British wildlife and cultivating a haven for all living creatures to enjoy! Feel free to message me with any ideas and comments. I’d LOVE to see some photos of you all getting involved too, as I’d love to post them here.
   Lets plunge ourselves into nature, walk with animals and dance with the sun, moon and stars. Here begins our revolution and connection with Gaia!
   Love Light Joy and Brightest Blessings xxx