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Morning Blessings, Yoga, Meditations and a good ol’ skip in the morning dew. How i start my day.


This mornings alter.


Every morning I try my best to exercise, meditate and count my blessings. I never leave the house without having done my Morning Blessing to the Sisters Three and without smudging my aura to rid the excess debris from the previous night, taking care not to spill my morning brew with another little chant. These little rituals are my ways to set myself up for the day ahead. I’d be less energetic and unbalanced if I chose to ignore these quirky and pleasant rituals of Love Light and Joy. 

There have been mornings where i’d literally leave in such a hurry or choose to go on the internet instead of quieting my mind. As a result I would feel unbalanced, agitated and exposed to all types of energies. Since I made the conscious decisions to start everyday filled with love, my mentality has changed and I’ve felt a shift mentally, physically and spiritually.

 I’m so grateful for all that has been presented to me. For if I wasn’t shown the ‘Everyday Magic’ book by my mum over 10 years ago I wouldn’t have memorised such a powerful blessing, or if hadn’t gone to a Mind Body and Spirit event during one of my greatest times in need I wouldn’t have been introduced to my favourite yogi of all time in such a profound way – Shiva Rea. All that we are introduced to and everything we experience is manifested for a reason. I believe that reason is to help us grow. We’re all divinely guided by an array of spiritual beings who want to help. Be open to receiving and the magic that yearns to be unlocked will reveal itself in the most beautifully rewarding ways. I promise.

Morning Blessing

Light a white candle shortly after awakening and chant:

I call upon you Sister Three

You who sit beneath Life’s Tree

Bless and watch over me this day

These things of you I ask and pray.

Mighty Colothos, you who spin            

The thread and yarn of my life on whim,

Grant my thread by soft yet strong

And the essence of my own Life’s song

Mighty Lachesis, you who weave

And measure the cloth of Life with ease

With my life beautifully

With colour and texture for all to see.

Mighty Atropos you who slice

Life’s fabric and thread with a snip precise

Grant me now another day

To return to thank you, this I pray.

Mighty ones, oh Sisters Three,

You who sit beneath the Tree

For each day I awaken to

Accept the thanks I offer you!