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Ayahuasca Journey II

Ayahuasca Journey II.


Ayahuasca – snippets from my Ayahuasca journal 2013

Ayahuasca – snippets from my Ayahuasca journal 2013.

A Very ‘Warm’ Hell Garden Welcome

A Journey through Heaven and Hell

I skipped my way across the pebbled street, dodging the screeching madness of mopeds, excited to have found what I was looking for. I didn’t know what to expect aside from what I saw in the photos on the internet, which weren’t much to go by at all.

So with a blind eye I walked through the large archway, bewildered by the 8 images of golden Buddha’s to my right, and to my left, scenes of utter gore, destruction, human mutilation, decapitation and various types of unheard of human torture – one for every ‘sin’.

I was disgusted, yet strangely intrigued at the same time. The imagery was something from a horror movie, straight out of the depths of a sadistic mind. “Surely this hasn’t got anything to do with Buddhism, has it?” I asked the man who spent the entire time following me with a watchful eye, asking me questions, continuously calling me Farang. “It’s what happens when you defy Buddha and indulge in the sins. You go to hell.” And there in writing, clear as a polished diamond, the story of heaven and hell begun.

Here they showed society what would happen if they indulged in reckless sex, abused drink and drugs, rebelled against society, and killed another human being – a seat in their hell.

Amazing how all this horror sat amongst the calmest surrounding beauty, filled with turtles of every age swimming freely and little gardens of tranquillity. This was surely one of the oddest places I’d ever been to, and defiantly one I’d try to expose.

– Sadie Dreameca