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Wild Deer and Shamanic Reiki

Yesterday morning I woke at 4:30am to spend time with Wild Deer.

 Richmond Park is huge and I didn’t expect there to be so many and all in the same area. I was ecstatically happy that I came across them so quickly. I felt truly blessed to have been able to walk so close and for them to allow me to sit beside them. There was one in particular who I took a real shining to and I’m sure he felt the same way.


There in the distance stood the most handsome Stag of them all. Although isolated from the others I got the impression that he was at peace and comfortable with his own company. I approached him slowly and made sure that my energy was filled with love and light, expressing to him that I wasn’t a threat, that I had only come to seek company and to offer the Universal energy of healing light.


He accepted immediately, relaxing into a sweet daze. As I sent the energy I felt the suns beams engulf us with extreme warmth, as though the sun himself approved. The soft mist glistened, birds sung high on the branches above me, specks of icicle tenders sparkled with every waking breath. The nature spirits themselves danced around us both, swirling back and forth between the two veils of our worlds. Tears had filled my eyes because I was so grateful to have been allowed to sit so close to him, to have been able to communicate with such a majestic creature. Though ready to stand his ground if he had to, he was full of compassion and kindness.


There’s something about working with animals that fills me with such joy and comfort. I know that no matter what is happening around me, nothing can penetrate the circle we created, nothing could break the bond we shared. Nothing could weaken my love for the animal kingdom, not even if he himself turned on me. I would still love him because I understand. And I’m pretty sure the majority understand me.


   If I could wish for anything in the world, I would wish to work with animals on a regular basis. Not as a vet. Not as a nurse. Not as a scientific genius examining their every structure. But as a holistic practitioner, working with the universal energies that we have forgotten is within us all. I will help bring about peace, healing and love in animals lives by tapping into the universal collective and using the guidance from the grandest love of them all. I feel blessed to be able to help in this way because it not only helps them, but it helps the Earth herself and wakes my consciousness from the slumber caused by the great ego and by the restraints given to me from society. I am awakening. I hope you are too.


Love Light Joy and Brightest Blessings to you all xxx






Morning Blessings, Yoga, Meditations and a good ol’ skip in the morning dew. How i start my day.

Morning Blessings, Yoga, Meditations and a good ol’ skip in the morning dew. How i start my day..

Ayahuasca Journey II

Ayahuasca Journey II.

Ayahuasca – snippets from my Ayahuasca journal 2013

Ayahuasca – snippets from my Ayahuasca journal 2013.

Wiccan chant to empower your morning brew

Empowering your morning brew. Place powerhand over the liquid and chant:

A little luck, a touch of the wild

A little joy, a hint of style

At work and play, throughout my day

All good things shall come my way.

My Power Animal – Wolf

From a very early age i’ve known my power animal. He came to me in a dream, and hasn’t left my vision since. I remember the dream vividly…


Wandering alone deep in a dense forest, I found myself hunted by what I could see as a mixture of beasts and humans. I hid behind the thick trunks of the trees to be unseen. Every step I took led me away from the hunters, but didn’t keep them at bay. I finally ran out of the forest to face a beautiful Native American lady, accompanied by the most beautiful wolf I had ever seen. He was proud looking, handsome and confident, yet kind, loving and content. Behind them led to another closing of dense forest and what felt to be complete safety. The lady smiled at me whilst she stroked the top of the animals head. I could hear danger sneaking up behind me. Wind blew softly through the small opening of grass, taking with it soft smoke. Before I knew it, the hunters caught up and reached out to grab me, when suddenly my position changed completely, not of my accord. I stood where the Native American lady had stood, right next to the wolf. The hunters came to sharp halt and faded away in an instant. More wolves appeared in a line as if to show their power. They then slowly disappeared as I placed my hand softly on his head to say thank you. It felt as though a cord connected us both, forever bound. I remember how the light shimmered and softly glowed, creating gold and yellow fusions of dancing beauty. The grass was lush, the trees sprung wisdom, and that’s when I knew this wolf chose me.


I wish I could paint my power animal, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to do him justice. But these will do for now.

Artist – Lisa Hunt