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Morning Blessings, Yoga, Meditations and a good ol’ skip in the morning dew. How i start my day.

Morning Blessings, Yoga, Meditations and a good ol’ skip in the morning dew. How i start my day..

Wiccan Chant – Balance

As within so without

My harmony exists throughout

I am one with both these worlds

Within the two my spirit twirls

Forest: Snow

Forest: Snow


I walked towards the snow covered showers of time,

I dragged and peddled straight through

And ruined the veil of white


A notion of fun exuberated through my mind

Gusts of windy encounters

Setting up my snow find


Treading my way into the dust



Folded onto the rust


Bewildered by the sights

I shed a glimpse of what was ahead of me


Trees as great closures

Engulfing the past

Almost visible

Almost dark


A voice insisted I walk through,

Shove aside the trees arch and walk

Into the jagged path with ivy glue

All of which was stuck on each tree,

Twig and hue


Tugging at my feet,

Blessing my prime with nature’s time,

I fell into a dream…

Where the snow fell to a gleam,

Shattered on the forest leafs and settled inconspicuously.

Each tree lined one by one,

Slanting as I moved off into the far land.


Light shadows were cast on the ground

Thick arches redeeming their sounds


This is a dream I’ve cast away to,

This is a dream I’ve come through.

Here to stay?

Yes…until the snow turns into puddles and rain.

     – Sadie Dreameca

Gypsy Treasure Chest

Gypsy Treasure Chest 

We can move along the River Eden,

grasp a lofty expression

Seek guidance,

and recall potions the other Gypsies left on the stools.


But one thing is known for sure…

That if I sat by the river Eden,

i’d wake anew.


I’d watch the wild horses in the dew,

lay there waiting till noon.


My troubles will seep away,

my heart will weep with joy.






Still truths laid to bare,

settling beside the goblin.


Trinklets of scarlet trailing,

spitting into the calm before the storm.


Deep in the heart and deep from the core,

all actions beseech me once more.

And what was once clean and fresh,

leaves doors wide open for industrial mess.

   – Sadie Dreameca (09/11/2009)

Goddess Call

This is a section of one of my big paintings i completed in 2007.

Goddess Call

Beneath the trees

In the woodland realm

Lies a human

Tossed to the ground


Maroon locks cover her tender breasts

And hangs like the ivy in late spring,

Her fingers filter swirls beneath her pale skin.

Nothing fazes her already troubled eyes

Nothing leaves her feeling fine.

She’s trickling warm wet crimson tears,

Endlessly flowing into her backdoor sins.


Willing and able

She makes the last call.

This time to Gaia to end her eternal fall

  – Sadie Dreameca  (2009)



Valhalla calls

Valhalla sets the rule.


To be amongst the beauty and strength,

To gasp upon without regret

An ultimate privilege to lay with them all,

To fight against the worriers

To stand beside their rule.


Whispers travel though the air,

A name travels in a spiral stair.


Trinkets cascade,

lighting the way.

Valhalla is calling,

Remember her name.

        – Sadie Dreameca (Poem, 2011, Thailand)